On Mental Illness

  • Self-knowledge

A compassionate and hopeful guide to achieving emotional wellbeing

We accept without shame that most organs in our bodies might at some point develop problems – and could need a bit of help. We should not make an exception of our minds. Our lives are so complicated and so filled with burdens, we should be completely unsurprised if, at some point, we felt a need to pull up a white flag and ask for help with our minds.

Product description

This is a guide to how to cope with a variety of forms of mental pain and unwellness, from the very mild to the more severe. It explains to us how and why we might become ill, how we can explain things to friends and family, how we should take care of ourselves – and how we might adjust our view of ourselves and our future so as to live wisely alongside our difficulties.

Throughout the tone is humane, encouraging and rich with experience. A central idea is that there is no need for any of us to suffer alone with our condition and that the best way to mend is to reduce shame, accept our troubles as very normal – and seek out understanding and friendship. It’s by exploring and discussing what has happened to us that we can heal and reduce our sense of isolation.

Written with kindness, knowledge and sympathy, and drawing upon the experience and knowledge of The School of Life therapists, this book is an essential tool to help us on the way to our recovery.

• Accessible and digestible guide to mental health and wellbeing.

• Considers with compassion, how we might best approach and begin to understand various states of mental unwellness, including anxiety, depression and trauma.

• Outlines fourteen strategies that we might adopt in a search for calm, respite and consolation.

• Chapters include Reasons to Live, Acceptance, Love, Community, Psychotherapy, Perspective and Gratitude.

Hardback book | 180 x 125mm | 192 pages | 24 Images 

Customer Review: ‘Wonderful sensitive understandings that will help me & many of my clients’