Journal Prompt Cards

  • Self-knowledge

52 cards to prompt journalling; helping us to better understand ourselves and our priorities

Journalling is one of the most effective ways to regain direction and calm: but what we should ideally be journalling about isn’t always clear. This set of prompt cards directs us to some of the most fruitful topics for reflection and self-exploration. Use them as you journal to find inspiration and encouragement.

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Each of the prompts engages the mind in some of the things that matter most and helps us to better understand ourselves and our priorities. The prompts tackle key topics around relationships, careers, emotions and ambitions. They invite us to go on new journeys within ourselves that will leave us more joyful, self-aware and serene.

52 cards | 91 x 67 mm

Flip through the cards when the urge to journal strikes.
Stop where it feels relevant; and let the prompt guide you towards new insights and awareness.
Write as much or as little as feels relevant.
Repeat regularly.
Alternatively, use the cards to inspire reflections that don’t get written down. You might even use them in a discussion with a friend.

Examples of prompts:
Write a letter you want to – but never will – send.
Who I want to be this time next year.
The people I most love in the world – and why they matter so much.
The things I really, really care about.
List the ways in which you’re a little bit unusual (we all are). At the end, reflect on how that might not matter so much.