A Simpler Life Gift Set

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A gift set to help us focus on life's essentials

This set contains the book A Simpler Life and Simplicity Cards. Together, they help us determine what's truly important to us in life – and, just as crucially, what we could afford to do without. You'll learn how to live well with less, and unlock the quieter, simpler existence you long for and deserve.

Product description

Contained in this set: 

A Simpler Life: A guide to greater serenity, ease and clarity. Exploring ideas around minimalism, simplicity and how to live comfortably with less. This book considers how we might achieve simplicity across a range of areas: our relationships, social lives, work routines and our approaches to possessions and media. Along the way, we learn about Zen Buddhism, modernist architecture, monasteries, psychoanalysis, and why we probably don’t need more than three good friends or a few treasured belongings.

Hardback book with 43 illustrations throughout | 180 x 125 mm | 192 pages

Simplicity Cards: 52 cards for greater serenity, ease and clarity. These question cards give us confidence to assess what we might give up on and where our true focus should lie. They ask us to look at our careers, our relationships, our family lives, and our ambitions more broadly. In a few easy steps, the cards help us prioritise and sift – and, with gentle humour, guide us to the simpler lives we long for and deserve.

52 cards | 91 x 67 mm