Career Counselling

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Consultations last 2 hours and are conducted online. Career Counselling is suitable for people at any stage in their career. Once you have booked your session you will be asked to send over your C.V. for our Career Counsellor to review prior to the session. You will then be sent a Zoom link for your appointment.



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Product Description

There are few questions harder or lonelier than ‘What should I do with my working life?’ We are often simply meant to know the answer – and a lot of people tend to be invested in us continuing along a safe and predictable path. But in private, some of us are acutely aware that we aren’t very happy where we are – and would love to find a way towards a job that truly fulfils our souls. The School of Life offers a Career Counselling Service designed to guide us deftly towards the kind of jobs in which we can thrive.