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26 April
Stephen Jenkinson On Elderhood

Join internationally distinguished culture activist, teacher, ceremonialist and author Stephen Jenkinson as he addresses the critical role of elderhood and the wisdom we could have access to if only we seek it out.

30 April
How To Make Love Last

It is not inevitable that love must fizzle out; this happens when it has not been wisely managed.

2 May
Spending Time Alone

Is it possible to be happy in partnerships with family, friends or work colleagues– if we can’t, first, also be happy in ourselves?

3 May

Learn to thrive in changing conditions instead of just coping with them.

8 May
Making A Difference

Changing the world is difficult but we can at least learn to make a meaningful difference.

9 May
How To Find Love

Choosing a partner is one of the most consequential and tricky decisions we will ever make.

13 May
The Meaning Of Life

To wonder too openly, or intensely, about the meaning of life can seem a peculiar, ill-fated and even a faintly ridiculous pastime. But, in truth, the subject is for everyone.

14 May
How To Be Confident

The difference between success and failure often hangs on a humiliatingly small and elusive trait that standard education never touches: confidence.

15 May
How To Identify Your Career Potential

A toolkit for finding a job to satisfy both our emotional and our material needs.

17 May

Making more insightful decisions that will serve you better in the long term

21 May
How To Be Serene

This class provides a toolkit to help us triumph over free-floating or intense anxiety.

22 May
A Night of Better Conversation: Death

Join The School of Life for a fun, social and meaningful night of better conversation on the topic of Death.

27 May
How To Enjoy Life

This class alerts us to the beauty and value of things, people and ideas around us.

28 May
How To Fail

This class equips us with the tools to succeed on our own terms, which may be quite different from those of society.

30 May
How To Develop Self Knowledge

Self-knowledge matters so much because it is only on the basis of an accurate sense of who one is that one can make reliable decision.

31 May

Develop an authentic leadership style that inspires commitment and gets results.

Self-Compassion with Kathleen Cator

Learn how to understand and calm your inner critic in this practical 3-hour workshop with clinical psychologist, Kathleen Cator.

Developing Self-Awareness

Take greater control of your unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

Looking For Love | Four-Week Course

A four-week course to prepare us for the complex business of finding and maintaining love.

A Night of Better Conversation: Happiness

Join The School of Life for a fun, social and meaningful night of better conversation on the topic of happiness.

Making Relationships Work

One of the gravest errors we make around relationships is to imagine that they aren't things we can get wiser or better at.

Stay or Leave?

This is a class to help us decide whether we should keep working at a relationship or quit.

Summer School 2019

The best of The School of Life condensed into a single, unforgettable week.

Damon Gameau & Clare Bowditch On How To Change The World

Join us for a unique film premiere and School of Life experience with Damon Gameau’s 2040 and a fact-based dreaming journey of what the world could be if we actively engage with the power of positive storytelling.


Overcome setbacks and lay the groundwork for greater flourishing at work.

Finding A Fulfilling Job

Learn how to find a career to fulfil both your material and physiological needs in this one-day workshop.

The Steps To Calm

Learn how to be more patient, unruffled and at ease with life's setbacks and irritants.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the quality that enables us to negotiate the central problems in our relationships.

Writing As Therapy (3hr)

Explore writing techniques and methods to cope with and understand personal crises, depression, anxieties, stress and traumatic events.


Rediscover your motivations and values and begin to prioritise them.

Storytelling As Therapy with Dumbo Feather

Learn to identify and process life experiences and turn them into well-crafted stories with the team at Dumbo Feather.


Learn to cope with life’s challenges and setbacks without anxiety, panic or despair.

How To Be Sociable

Knowing how to get the most out of the people we meet, life with and work around is fundamental to our chances of a fulfilled life.

Matters of Life & Death

There is one thing that we can be absolutely certain of: we will die. What is far less certain is that death is something to be feared.

How Culture Can Change Your Life

Our societies frequently proclaim their enormous esteem for culture. But what is culture really for?

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