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We are currently unable to offer therapy through private health insurance providers.

We suggest a weekly commitment from the client; fortnightly therapy sessions are not offered.

If you are experiencing difficulties and feel you will benefit from seeing a therapist urgently, we advise you to seek help through services that offer emergency support. If you think you have a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911 (US) or 999 (UK) or go to the nearest open clinic or emergency room. We try our best to accommodate requests, but it might take a few days to find a date that suits both your and your therapist’s schedule.

The therapists’ availability changes quickly. If you would like to be offered an initial appointment slot, please book an initial session through our website, so a therapist can contact you directly to find the best time.

The therapist for your initial session will aim to contact you within one week of receiving your booking confirmation. Clients are usually seen for the initial session within one or two weeks after being contacted by the therapist, depending on your scheduling requirements (please note that certain slots are in high demand, therefore it could take a bit longer to offer you an appointment if you require a certain time / day).

If you and the therapist for your initial session both agree that ongoing therapy might be appropriate, there may be a delay in arranging an ongoing appointment slot, as there is generally a high demand on the service.

The initial fee is £100 (or EUR/ USD equivalent) for individual sessions, and £130 (or equivalent) for couple & other relationships therapy. The fee for ongoing therapy is agreed with your therapist as part of an agreement between you and the therapist.

Currently, we do not offer discounts for any of our therapy services.