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The School of Life was founded in 2008 by Alain De Botton and other colleagues from the arts, education and cultural sectors.

None in particular. We provide a forum for exploring various life issues with like-minded people, fostering emotional intelligence through teachings from the humanities (literature, philosophy, psychology, history and art) and free from dogma. You can read more about us here.

We are used to the idea that books have a single author and that this author’s name is clearly identified on the spine and cover. However, at The School of Life, we have a different approach. We are a team: a group of psychologists, philosophers, sociologists and social scientists. Together we make up The School of Life’s content team, which puts out a huge amount of material every year: we make films, put on classes and conferences for the general public, offer training and seminars to businesses as well as producing gift and books.

When it comes to these books, they are a genuinely collective effort – and therefore, we don’t wish to highlight one author above another. The books we write are simply from ‘The School of Life’.

Please email [email protected] with some examples of your video work.