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A standard annual The School of Life app subscription already offers a significant discount over the monthly cost of subscribing. This offer, exclusive to article readers, gives you a further 20% off our already reduced annual price for the whole of the first year. You can subscribe with this offer in UK Pounds, Euros, US, Canadian or Australian Dollars at the following discounted rates:

UK Pounds: £39.99/Year £49.99/Year

US Dollars: $47.99/Year $59.99/Year

Euros: €47.99/Year €59.99/Year

Australian Dollars: A$63.99/Year A$79.99/Year

Indian Rupees: In India, for the best rate download the app and subscribe via there.

Canadian Dollars: CA$63.20/Year CA$79.00/Year

Yes! Your app subscription will also give you unlimited, advert free, access to all of the Articles on Just subscribe and you can then log-in to both The School of Life App and with the same email address and password for unlimited access.

The School of Life app is designed to help you develop a calmer, wiser and more resilient mindset. It features hundreds of videos, articles, daily quotes, flip cards and practical exercises, and there’s always something to discover with new articles, videos and exercises published every week. Our audio functionality works even when you’ve closed the app, so you can listen on the go without looking at a screen. The more content you explore, the more our app will learn about you, helping you to find more of the content that matters to you. Your subscription will also give you unlimited, ad free, access to all of the articles on

You can find our app in the App Store and Google Play store around the world, and it is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

The School of Life App can enrich your life and enhance your wellbeing in many ways. You can dip into articles or quotes when you have a couple of minutes to spare, lean on our First Aid section when you need immediate assistance with particular emotion, or immerse yourself in our Topics in greater depth. Even if you only have a few minutes to yourself a day, each and every interaction with the app will bring you closer to achieving greater wellbeing – one small step at a time.

For any questions you have about our app, you can get in touch with our App Customer Services team via email: [email protected]