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Discover your own potential and areas you would like to grow in.

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More About The Workshop

Beliefs drive our behaviour, perhaps few more than our mindset about our own abilities. Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset prompts us to recognise that through cultivating a mindset of openness, natural curiosity, and willingness to explore, we are better able to embrace continuous improvement and uncapped learning. We are also more able to cope with setbacks, critical feedback and failure. With a growth mindset, we can show up as more well-rounded colleagues, resulting in more empowered and talented teams across organisations.

This Workshop will help participants to:

•Define the term ‘growth mindset’ and discover our misconceptions around how we view ‘talent’.

•Explore the role of self-awareness, journeying from a fixed to a growth mindset, including promoters and barriers.

•Reckon with the ’fear of failure’ and how to overcome this.•

•Play with practical strategies for demonstrating a growth mindset, including mentoring, communities, journalling and 360-feedback.

•Identify growth mindset habits that can help us build incremental and positive change.

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