Beyond Resolutions – Webinar

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Dive into the psychology behind setting and achieving meaningful goals. Explore effective strategies to support your team’s growth.

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Benefits of Attending

As humans, we are deeply flawed and imperfect. It often takes time and effort to act in line with our best interests. The Ancient Greeks defined this as ‘Akrasia’ – the state of acting against our better judgement, or lacking self-control.

If you’ve ever tied a goal to a new year’s resolution – to eat well, to indulge less, exercise or read more – you’ll know exactly this feeling. It’s important to realise then that, if you happen to be a human, you too are imperfect.

Achievement is recognised because it is difficult. Achieving goals is hard to do.

Join Elizabeth Selman, Global Instructional Design Lead, and Raul Aparici, Head of Faculty at The School of Life at Work, and discover how to nurture growth in your teams through the psychology of goal achievement.

  1. Discover the art of balancing sustainability and effort to attain meaningful, long-term growth.
  2. Explore pivotal questions, guiding you to prioritise and create tangible goals aligning with your team’s aspirations.
  3. Learn how to empower others with goal-achieving techniques that positively impact projects and careers.
  4. Receive post-webinar resources to help you navigate any resistance that may arise in working towards goals, including setting goals for others.