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Normalise Anxiety: embrace the fact that Anxiety is a common, evolutionarily adaptive reaction, to be understood and controlled.

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More About The Workshop

Feeling anxious is entirely normal, unpleasant and detrimental to wellbeing. Our imaginations permanently remind us of everything that is missing, everything that might go wrong and everything that we might already have messed up. We are entirely biased towards being unhappy. Very little in our biology is interested in us being content. By understanding when and why we feel anxious, by normalising it so that we do not ramp up our anxiety about being anxious, we can begin to deactivate its power to derail us. A better more positive and productive working life will result.

This Workshop will help participants to:


•Explore some of the major causes of an anxious existence (at work), including perfectionism, individualism, meritocracy.

•Understand our self- esteem profile and learn to promote self-compassion.

•Explore the phenomenon of anxiety as distraction and discover how to avoid this displacement tactic

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