Problem Solving – Professional Workshop

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Become aware of how we perceive problems at work, and how we currently respond to them.

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More About The Workshop

When a problem arises, our first instinct is often to rush head-first into fixing it. As humans, we can sometimes be more comfortable with a bad solution than the ambiguity and discomfort of untangling a complex situation. In the modern workplace, pressure and politics can be unhelpful enemies here too, and can leave us feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and stuck. Fortunately, it’s an emotional skill that each of us can nurture, helping to tackle our next challenge with confidence and ease, and ultimately leading us to a more satisfying outcome.

This Workshop will help participants to:

•Recognise the benefits of problems as catalysts for change and transformation.

•Learn how observation, intuition and logic can unlock an effective problem-solving strategy for both simple and complex workplace challenges.

•Commit to new habits that will create more effective problem-solving in your work and personal life.

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