Personal Brand – Professional Workshop

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Discover how to translate your personal brand consistently and persuasively in the workplace and beyond.

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Product description

Everyone has a reputation; a personal brand is our visible and distinctive commitment to the value we bring as an individual and our reason why. Mastering the art of authentically curating and translating who we are and what we do by establishing a consistent personal brand is essential to remain top of mind amongst prospective clients and employers. A well-crafted personal brand can enable us to establish credibility, build trust, and leave long-lasting impressions on others as we pave our own unique path in the world of work.

This Workshop will help participants to:

•Understand the role of deep self-awareness and self-understanding as pivotal foundations towards building an effective personal brand.

•Recognise the importance of establishing a personal brand in the context of today’s fast-paced, ever-changing working world.

•Identify the principles of building an authentic brand.

•Examine the risks and challenges that may be faced whilst maintaining a consistent personal brand in our professional life.