Imposter Syndrome – Professional Workshop

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Come understand what impostor syndrome is and explore its common (and sometimes, unlikely) manifestations.

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More About The Workshop

Around 70% of us will at some point in our lives experience an emotional state best characterised as ‘Impostor Syndrome’: the creeping doubt that someone, somewhere, will ‘find us out’. Our inner dialogue might hook into a number of possibilities – that we don’t deserve that promotion, that we’re not qualified for this new job – or simply that we are wholly inadequate. Fortunately, these feelings are not factual. By learning more about Impostor Syndrome, we can better manage and overcome it, and ultimately become empowered to move beyond it.

This workshop will help you:

•Explore some of the causes and triggers of imposter syndrome, linked to our past experiences and world view.

•Discover how self-awareness can help us identify unhelpful thought patterns and how we can re-root these into more positive ways of thinking.

•Play with ‘emergency’ impostor syndrome prevention tools that will help in critical moments.

•Build habits to unpick negative thought patterns and help build better ways of addressing ourselves.

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