Employee Engagement — Conversations

Whether your team is already well-acquainted and in need of a catch-up or just recently brought together, our Conversations are designed to help you feel better connected in turbulent times.

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About Conversations for Employee Engagement

From the after-dinner speeches of Ancient Greece to the salons and coffeehouses of the Enlightenment, some of history’s greatest discussions have taken place in casual surroundings.

Whilst present world events have made it harder to gather together in person, that same spirit of open-minded enquiry can still be captured in a virtual setting, and our Conversations have been designed as a leisurely guide across a range of topics – from the personal to the profound.

How It Works

Conversations are hosted on Zoom for groups of up to 100 people, and last for about 90 minutes. A member of our faculty will lead the conversation, and with the participants being placed into ‘breakout rooms’ for intimate small-group discussions throughout. 

Engagement - how it works

The Conversations


On The Importance Of Culture

Our Conversation On The Importance Of
Culture is a chance to think through the arts
and popular media, taking in a range of
theories on why art matters.

On Identity And Self-Knowledge

Our Conversation On Identity And Self-
Knowledge is a chance to examine the
roots of who we are and what we believe,
incorporating key ideas from a number
of philosophical traditions.

Work-Life Balance

On Balancing Work And Life

Our Conversation around On Balancing
Work And Life is a chance to talk about
the challenges of pursuing a career whilst
staying committed to our life outside of work.