On Demand - Online-Talk: Irvin D. Yalom – Love, Loss and What Matters in the End

Video: Stanford Professor Emeritus, world renowned psychotherapist and philosopher Irvin D. Yalom shares his most important personal insights in conversation with philosopher Dr. Martin Ebeling.

Recently, 89-year-old Yalom survived severe heart failure, making a miraculous recovery. But his wife and the love of his life, Marilyn, died in November 2019. When it became clear that Marilyn's illness would lead to death, the renowned cultural scholar and author insisted on writing a book together. Shortly before the two finished "A Matter of Death and Life: Love, Loss and What Matters in the End" Marilyn passed away. As someone who has seen so much grief in his patients and helped so many people cope with it, Yalom is now surprised and fascinated by the extent to which it overwhelms him.

In a personal and insightful live Online-Talk philosopher and School of Life lecturer Martin Ebeling spoke with Irvin D. Yalom about the lessons he has gathered during this difficult time, as well as over the course of his extraordinary life. As a co-founder of Existential Psychotherapy, Yalom shares profound insights from his distinguished career on how to navigate life's existential questions and crises.

The event was held in English.

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200808 Martin Ebeling portrait 228x228Irvin D. Yalom is a world-renowned psychotherapist and author. His bestsellers include, ‘Lying on the Couch’, ‘When Nietzsche Wept’ and ‘The Schopenhauer Cure’. The Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford University is also praised in the academic field. He has written several textbooks such as, ‘The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy’ and ‘Existential Psychotherapy’, which play an important role in the practice of psychiatry today.

200808 Martin Ebeling portrait 228x228Dr. Martin Ebeling is Head of The School of Life for Business Germany. He facilitates events, leads classes and workshops in the public and business programs of The School of Life. He holds a PhD in philosophy and studied philosophy and political science in New York, Berlin, Potsdam and Frankfurt a. M.. As an author, he has published numerous scientific philosophical essays as well as the book "Conciliatory Democracy", in which he advocates a different approach to the disagreements in political opinion that shape our times.

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On Demand - Online-Talk: Irvin D. Yalom – Love, Loss and What Matters in the End

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When: On Demand (Video)

Where: Online 

Language: English


Access to the recording of the live event for 7 days: 14 €