Cultivating Growth: A Workshop on Feedback and Growth Mindset – Workshop in Berlin

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IN PERSON WORKSHOP - Join our Workshop on Feedback and Growth Mindset to learn how to give feedback in a way that is conducive to growth and development

The School of Life | Lychener Str. 7 | 10437 Berlin



Cultivating Growth: A Workshop on Feedback and Growth Mindset - Workshop in Berlin

In-person workshop | Next date: 24th May 2024 | Berlin
Receiving constructive feedback can be one of the most impactful catalysts for growth. At the same time, many leaders feel insecure when it comes to giving feedback and consequently don’t give it often enough. This has serious implications for teams, organisations, and leaders who want their teams to grow.

Join Our Workshop on Feedback and Growth Mindset to learn how to give feedback in a way that is conducive to growth and development! Our empowering workshop on “Cultivating Growth: Feedback and Growth Mindset” is tailored for individuals and teams aspiring to leverage constructive feedback as a catalyst for continuous improvement and to foster a resilient, growth-oriented mindset.

Who Should Attend:

  • Professionals at all Levels
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • HR / People & Culture Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Anyone Committed to Personal and Professional Growth

Secure Your Spot: Limited availability! Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your mindset and amplify your growth potential. Register now to reserve your seat at the “Cultivating Growth: Feedback and Growth Mindset” workshop.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional advancement. Join us and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential! Your growth story starts here.



Where: The School of Life | Lychener Str. 7 | 10437 Berlin


Start 24th May:
24th May – 9:30 am -5:00 pm

Start 6th November:
6th November – 9:30 am -5:00 pm

Number of participants: 14 max.

Participation fee:
625€ exkl. VAT (743,75€ inkl. VAT)

Tickets are also available on invoice on request by e-mail. Just send us an e-mail to [email protected].

You can find the cancellation conditions in our Questions & Answers (FAQ) section

Your Trainer

Dr. Shamsey Oloko

In his first life, Dr. Shamsey Oloko studied business administration at the Free University of Berlin. His stints as a founder, management consultant, manager, and professor helped develop a deep understanding of the business world. His second life was shaped in particular by his coaching training and by his studies in Academic Philosophical Practice at the University of Vienna, which focused on the individual and his existential questions. In this second life, he has been designing different workshops and training programs for executives and teams for several years. In doing so, he likes to draw on the content and methods of occidental philosophy and Buddhist mindfulness practice to stimulate self-reflection and deepen self-leadership.

Key Workshop Highlights:

  1. The Power of Constructive Feedback: Understand the pivotal role that feedback plays in personal and professional development. Explore how constructive feedback, when delivered effectively, can be a powerful tool for improvement and growth.
  2. Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Dive deep into the concept of a growth mindset and learn how to foster an attitude that embraces challenges, persists through setbacks, and views effort as the path to mastery. Discover the transformative impact a growth mindset can have on your personal and professional journey.
  3. Feedback Delivery and Receiving Techniques: Master the art of giving and receiving feedback. Gain practical insights into delivering feedback that inspires positive change, and develop an attitude which views feedback as a valuable tool for personal and professional development.
  4. Creating a Feedback-Friendly Culture: Explore strategies for fostering a culture within your team or organization that encourages open communication and constructive feedback. Learn how to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute to each other’s growth.
  5. Overcoming Challenges with a Growth Mindset: Discover how a growth mindset can be a powerful way of approaching challenges and setbacks. Learn techniques for reframing obstacles as opportunities and turning failures into stepping stones toward success.
  6. Personalized Growth Plans: Develop a personalized action plan for your growth journey. Receive guidance on setting realistic goals, identifying areas for improvement, and leveraging feedback to accelerate your development.
  7. Interactive Feedback Simulations: Engage in hands-on activities and simulations designed to simulate real-world feedback scenarios. Practice giving and receiving feedback in a supportive environment, and receive valuable insights to enhance your skills.