Dating Cards - Carton of 10

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A set of 52 question cards to spark insightful and playful encounters

Great dates are made up of great conversations: ones where we find out more about one another, discover what makes us both tick, share some of what we like and reveal how we see the world. This is a collection of cards that can be used on a date to help provoke the best kinds of discussion.

This pack includes 52 cards, each one posing an intriguing question or setting a challenge, designed to provoke, entertain and stimulate.

As a bonus, the cards are graded according to how probing they are (Easy, Medium and Hard) so that you can playfully match the discussion with the flow of an evening.

Example Questions:

  • How might you entertain a five-year-old child that a friend left you with for an hour or two?
  • What would the interior decoration be like in your ideal house?
  • How do you like to be comforted when you are sad?
  • Who would you like to go back and apologise to - and for what?
  • What do you think might be most endearing about you?
  • What are the main points you would like to be covered in a speech at your funeral?

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52 question cards with box | 90 x 65 x 20mm | Instructions included

Dating Cards - Carton of 10

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