The Curriculum

Each of our branches around the world run our curriculum of classes and special workshops dedicated to helping people improve their emotional intelligence around key areas of their life. The curriculum is designed to provide a deep look at self, others, love and work which can be undertaken on an individual basis or worked through class by class.

The classes are interactive and social in design: based around discussions and exercises which involve group participation and partnering. Drawn from the greatest insights of psychotherapy and culture, the class content is designed to be fun, thought-provoking, engaging and ultimately therapeutic.

Special Events

From our London branch we also run a programme of special events and intensive courses. We run a Spring Intensive and two Summer Schools each year, these are week-long courses covering all areas of The School of Life Curriculum. To find out more about our events coming up in London, click here.

The Conference

Join us in San Francisco this March for three transformative days at The School of Life Conference. In a city symbolic of optimism and energy about the future, you will be equipped with a toolkit of Emotional Skills that can revolutionise your relationships, working life and sense of well-being. Find out more here.

Branches Worldwide

The School of Life is truly international. Every branch runs our core curriculum classes and many also have special events, a shop or a cafe. Do come along and visit - we look forward to meeting you.

Click on the below locations to learn more:  

Watch our video to find out more about classes at The School of Life: