The Guardian

What we created

We provided an ongoing calendar of workshops to support the wellbeing of employees across the organisation. Employees from every department stretched their intellect and imagination to practice building resilience, calm, adaptability, communication skills and much more. Individuals selected the sessions most relevant to them, most often choosing to attend multiple sessions and thus build on their learning over time.

How it succeeded

“Working with The School of Life has been incredibly enriching for our people’s development. TSOL has brought a creative energy and an open, practical space to our wellbeing curriculum. It has been a fantastic experience working with them and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”
—Stephanie Hinton-James, Head of Development & Engagement, The Guardian  




The School of Life 協助安排常態性的工作坊,來增進整體員工的幸福感。課程中,各部門的員工運用想像力,來練習建立心理的強韌度、冷靜度、適應力、以及溝通技能。此外,員工可選擇在職場運用上和自己最相關的課程,而大多數員工都選擇參與好幾堂課,來獲得更長遠的學習效果。


衛報人才發展部主任 Stephanie Hinton-James 說:

「與 The School of Life 合作,幫助我們在人才發展上,產生了驚人的成效。在這些幫助員工增進幸福感的課程中,The School of Life 創造了創意滿點卻又實用的開放環境。這次合作經驗出奇地好,讓我們很期待下次合作!」