What we created

We provided a suite of workshops on emotional intelligence to support the launch day of a new company-wide wellbeing incentive. Facebook employees from across the organisation explored ideas in philosophy, history, art and psychology in order to discover how they might face challenges at work with greater resilience. Through exercises and in-depth discussion, employees also considered how to be more supportive of those they work with and how to exercise greater imaginative empathy when working with colleagues, clients, and users.

How it succeeded

“It was an absolute pleasure working with The School of Life team. They were highly collaborative and flexible to our needs, building a programme that matched the high demands of an organisation like Facebook. Their L&D product is of exceptional quality and we have received amazing feedback from everyone and specific feedback that since the workshop, ideas raised have helped them readdress the way they approach tough situations at Facebook and at home.”
—Andy Kingston, Regional Agency Specialist, Facebook






Facebook 區域代理專員 Andy Kingston說:

「與 The School of Life 團隊合作實在太愉快了。對於我們的需求,展現了高度的配合與彈性,建立的套裝課程也符合了 Facebook 團隊的高標準。『人才發展』的學程非常優質,也獲得了每個員工的正面迴響。工作坊開始後更收到了許多具體的回饋。The School of Life 提出的這些想法,幫助團隊夥伴們重新找到方法,面對工作上與生活上的挑戰。」