What we created

We provided a programme of summer learning workshops for Accenture graduate analysts, spanning a wide range of topics including calm, entrepreneurship, purpose, resilience, resourcefulness, and confidence. Graduates took time to build essential workplace skills and reflect on their personal development goals. The most popular workshops were repeated in order to further tailor the learning experience to the needs of the organisation.


"I found the session exceptionally interesting, illuminating and also applicable to my job and everyday life. The faculty were brilliant, incredibly engaging and inspiring!"

—Workshop attendee, Accenture



提供剛畢業的分析師暑期系列工作坊,課程內容涵蓋冷靜、創業精神、職志、強韌、以及信心。分析師們在工作坊中建構了核心的情緒技能,並且重新省思個人的發展目標。在 The School of Life 開設的各個主題中,最受歡迎的工作坊重複舉辦了好幾次,以滿足埃森哲員工學習的需求。


「課程特別有趣、清晰、也能夠實際運用在工作與生活中。The School of Life 的團隊夥伴都很優秀、投入與發人深省。」-埃森哲的工作坊學員