Leadership 全人領導




      “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be."

        Ralph Waldo Emerson


人類的主要需求是能夠啟發自己,激發潛能的伯樂。」                                                           English 




領導能力的最高境界就是:使得每個團隊成員都熱忱投入各自的專精領域,並且利用這些成果達成目標。領導者就像汽車駕駛,功能是理解每個部件被設計出的目標 (Purpose),指揮每個模組各司其職,前往團隊希望抵達的終點。然而,與駕駛汽車不同的是,領導者面對的是活生生的人,具備情緒思想。因此,領導者必須理解:驅動與保養這些部件的方式,就是表達欣賞 (appreciation) 與展現支持 (Supportiveness)。


微軟 (Microsoft) 總裁 Satya Nadella 就認為領導能力是所有團隊成員必備的技能,用以釋放組織最大潛能,探索自己深層的工作價值。因此,微軟的「領導課程」是開放給所有員工參與,而非限定主管階級。2013 年,美國最大鞋業公司 Zappos 甚至採取「共治領導」(Holacracy),使得每個團隊成員都主導自己的計畫,所以團隊中沒有特定的主管,以實現完全的「扁平領導」(flat management)。這讓所有成員都具備「自主性」(autonomy),能夠更具熱忱與願景地完成團隊目標。


這些前瞻遠見的領導人都洞悉:領導能力並不專屬於領導職位。團隊的每個成員都有機會發起提案並且帶領他人實現。然而,想看見每個團隊成員在提案中的角色定位,就必須具備客觀公正 (Objectivity) 的眼光。在帶領他人的過程中,自己也會遭受面對團隊的挫折。所以,具備尋求回饋、以及在逆境中抗壓成長 (Resilience) 的能力也同等重要。










Today, developing an authentic leadership style is crucial if we want to inspire commitment and get results. In this session, we'll reflect on what makes a good leader. This will involve considering our strengths, weaknesses and blind spots, as well as addressing key leadership challenges: from creating a compelling vision to empowering others.

In this two-hour session, we will:

  • Discuss the overall nature of leadership and how it has changed through history

  • Take a realistic look at some of the trials of leadership, and how to tackle them

  • Develop a more compassionate approach to ourselves to improve our relationships with others

  • Learn to communicate clear purpose to clients and colleagues

  • Build a more productive workforce by demonstrating trust in employees or subordinates



‘There was a real focus on how to get the most out of feedback and about thinking ahead to get to a goal’

‘I learned to take the initiative and realise that my input is important and valued’