Jeremy Beacock

Jeremy Beacock

Poet 詩人 


An English Literature graduate from the University of Cambridge, Jeremy is a practicing poet. Having cultivated a life-long interest in philosophy and literature, Jeremy is well equipped, with his in-depth knowledge of the European canon, to help people find paths through the challenges in their lives.

Jeremy hopes to combine his aptitude as an artist and passion for philosophy to help you find new ways of reflecting on your life.

As a seasoned teacher, he is an experienced trainer and instructor currently working at The British Council (Taipei) –responsible both for in-house teacher training and teaching adults English as a second language.

In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys martial arts and regularly recites poetry at the Red Room – a platform for artists and cultural events in Taipei.


 Jeremy目前在英國文化協會(British Council)負責師資培訓、及成人英文教學。擁有豐富教學經驗的他,希望結合自己的藝術家邏輯、與對哲學的知識和熱情,引導我們找到反思人生的新觀點和思考路徑。

他熱愛在城市裡騎單車,也不定期在紅坊國際村(Red Room)的藝文沙龍中發表、朗讀自己的詩作。