Matt Bowden

Matt Bowden


Matt is an art, literature, and philosophy enthusiast and is currently completing his Master’s thesis in the field of ecocriticism. He is interested in exploring the relationship between the language spoken and the power structures of society.

A graduate of SOAS, University of London, his past careers focused on marketing and management. In 2012 he co-founded SOXKS, a fashion accessories brand that aims to revolutionise the way we view and wear socks. In 2016 he and his wife founded Very Vintage, a furniture retail business that showcases vintage and antique British houseware design.

The School of Life is an institution that Matt has been delighted to see arrive in Taipei, and he feels very strongly that its focus on using culture to grapple with the common, every-day questions that so many of us face provides an invaluable, thought-provoking service to its students.

In addition to helping raise Oliver, his one-year-old son, Matt is a passionate surfer and can often be found splashing around in the swell off Taiwan’s north-east coast.