Why Does Self-Knowledge Matter?

It is devilishly hard for all of us to understand who we really are. Self-knowledge matters so much because it is only on the basis of an accurate sense of who we are that we can make reliable decisions - particularly around love and work.

A lack of self-knowledge leaves us open to accident and mistaken ambitions. However, armed with the right sort of self-knowledge, we have a greater chance of avoiding errors in our dealings with others and in the formulation of our life choices. We offer a range of tools to help us to understand the hard-to-access bits of our minds.

Self-Knowledge Classes

Further Tools for Developing Self-Knowledge

'One central problem of our minds is that they tend to throw out thoughts that are, above anything else, vague. They aren’t wrong, so much as extremely imprecise – which counts because it means that we don’t have a secure handle on what we truly feel or want and so are unable to steer our lives to accurate and satisfying destinations.

The mind seems to suffer from a fateful laziness: it likes to point in very general terms to sensations and wishes without delving into their specific characters; it spontaneously gives us the overall headline rather than the telling and operative detail, which means that we are hampered in our ability to formulate exact plans and to diagnose our real problems.'

- On The Task of Turning Vague Thoughts into Precise Ones, read more on The Book of Life >>

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