Cultivate Resilience At Work

To overcome the inevitable changes, stresses and setbacks of the professional world, individuals and organisations need resilience. What we call 'resilience' is, simply put, the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. Knowing we won't be destroyed by periods of stress and struggle allows us to be more comfortable with risk and uncertainty. This, in turn, means we're likely to be more effective – and more energetic – regardless of what setbacks we encounter in our private and professional lives.

The good news is that resilience is a skill that we can learn and develop. In this workshop, we consider where our ideas about resilience come from, and explore ways of re-framing our attitudes to failure. We explore the complexity of emotions, and how we can work with them. Ultimately, we learn to reshape our personal and professional narratives – so that every encounter with adversity can become a story of resilience and triumph.

In this business workshop, we:

- Consider why experiencing change can be so difficult and where resilience comes from;
- Understand the resources you already have and how they can help;
- Develop a set of practical techniques for building resilience;
- Gain confidence in our ability to bounce back from difficult situations;
- Learn how to help others cultivate their personal resilience skills.

Please note, this business workshop is intended for those who have not attended our public class ‘How To Be Resilient. While this business workshop is focussed on developing your resilience specifically within a professional context, there is a cross over in content with the class. Please contact our team on 0481 263 041 if you have any questions.


9.15     Tea, coffee and pastries
9.30     Workshop commences
11.15    Break (times vary) 
13.00   Workshop concludes


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'Anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way.'
Chuck Norris


Bringing together the expertise of entrepreneurs, psychologists, thought leaders and CEOs, and drawing upon The School of Life’s unique expertise in cultivating emotional intelligence, our Business School workshops will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the modern workplace. 


Sophi Bruce crafts learning experiences for a range of people and contexts that focus on thinking differently, developing leadership impact and adapting to change. Sophi has lived and worked extensively in the UK and now in Australia where she holds roles with the University of Technology Sydney and Social Leadership Australia.  She has previously worked within public and commercial sectors and holds a Honours degree in English Literature and a Masters in Communication.  Her formative years were spent growing up in a commune learning the basics of collaboration, perspective sharing and tolerance.

Sophi is inspired by the wisdom and progress that comes from purposeful and stimulating interactions.  She teaches ethics to primary school children, sings in a local community choir and is partial to travel and music festivals. She remains proud of her teenage-self coming first in a short story competition judged by Roald Dahl. 


At The School of Life, we believe that emotional maturity is the key to better employee performance and engagement. Alongside technical skills, employees need to master a range of sophisticated ‘soft’ emotional skills to be able to better thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their tasks.

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