Mark Manson On The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Join internationally celebrated blogger and author Mark Manson as he asks us to take an active role in living a better life, with a healthy dose of pessimism. 

There are only so many things we can care deeply about. We need to figure out which ones really matter.

We live in a painfully optimistic world, surrounded with a false notion that positive thinking is the key to a rewarding and fulfilling life. The media bombards us with an idyllic and complete picture of life which, albeit a gross exaggeration, gradually creeps into our minds as desirable and even achievable. Over time, we begin to care about an inordinate number of things because we are driven to create the life we believe the world expects of us. What ever happened to a healthy dose of pessimism?

Internationally celebrated blogger and author Mark Manson unapologetically breaks apart the fallacy of unfounded positivity and encourages us, with thought-provoking clarity, that the key to a good life is the understanding that sometimes things are difficult, and we have to learn to live with that.

How do we find better problems to tackle, get better at failure and become more comfortable with the unknown? How do the virtues of pessimism prepare us for the worst, reduce the tension of expectations and protect us from disappointment?

Join Mark Manson and The School of Life to recalibrate our values and learn the virtues of healthy pessimism in taking an active role to live a better life.


Session 1 (SOLD OUT): 5.30  7pm
Session 2: 7.30  9pm

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'This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes.'
― Mark Manson


Mark Manson has spent a number of years studying the academic research on things such as happiness, passion, goals and relationships, publishing his views online as well as in Forbes, CNN, Vice, TIME, Vox and The Huffington Post. Mark shares his philosophy through articles on his wildly popular Internet blog Mark lives and writes in New York.


Leading writers, economists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, artists and other thinkers offer provocation, inspiration and consolation in the form of advice for living better. Speakers for this strand have been invited by The School of Life to present their own material. Session formats will vary depending on the subject.

TSOL is a safe, community space for the exploration of significant human concerns. Some of these concerns are of course of a deeply personal nature and if you feel negatively affected by any content or conversations then please approach our faculty member or host who can provide support and guidance.

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Mark Manson On The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck


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Dendy Opera Quays
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