A Night of Better Conversation: Death

We're all going to die. 

This is as true for you as it was for the first of our ancestors to swing down from the trees. And yet death is a topic we prefer not to think about, let alone discuss. We keep it firmly out of sight, pretending it doesn't exist.

This wasn't always the case. Past generations, for whom death was less of a stranger, tended to be more frank about the fact that life is often short, sometimes nasty and occasionally brutal. Some cultures still see our impending death as a cause to celebrate life.

Conversations about death needn't make for a grim evening. In talking about the unspeakable, we're going to consider what benefits there are in coming to terms with our mortality. The night will be broken into theory and practice. You will begin by learning a specific technique for better conversation and then invited to practice the technique with other people. 

A Night of Better Conversation is a chance to engage with minds moulded by forces different to our own, and to go beyond our comfort zone by taking risks in what we are willing to share.


6.30pm     Cake Wines Cellar Door Opens
7.00pm     Welcome & Introduction
7.30pm     Technique 1
8.00pm     Technique 2
8.30pm     Technique 3
9.00pm     Event Concludes, Bar Open for Continued Conversation
9.30pm     Cake Wines Cellar Door Closes


'Death is the dark backing that a mirror needs if we are able to see anything.'

– Saul Bellow


Our lives are so often filled with superficial talk, from office chitchat to commentaries on last night's television. How can we have conversations that inspire us to think in new ways, that stimulate our curiosity and that prompt us to say things we've never said before? A Night of Better Conversation has been designed to help us enjoy rich and memorable conversations about things that really matter in life, inspired by the ideas of great thinkers and philosophers. A Night of Better Conversation is an interactive and social evening that's split in to equal parts facilitated and presented content and group conversation. Participants will be encouraged to meet and converse with as many different people as they can to explore and interact a diverse range of ideas and ways of thinking.


Tim Dean is a philosopher and science writer. He has a PhD from the University of New South Wales on evolution and morality, and has an interest in ethics, the philosophy of biology, philosophy of science and moral psychology. He is an Honorary Associate in the Philosophy department at the University of Sydney. In 2015 he won the Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Professionals' Award for his writing on philosophy in New PhilosopherAcuity MagazineCosmos, ABC's The Drum and on Channel 10's The Project

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