How To Be Resilient

Life isn’t fair. In fact, it’s inherently unfair. We can labour under the misconception that if we work hard and lead decent and honest lives, nothing bad will happen. But this isn’t the case. Adversity can strike at any moment, to any one of us.

Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. Knowing we can 'bounce-back' means we're more comfortable with risk and uncertainty. We're likely to be more effective. And, to live life to the full, despite the hard knocks. But more than this, resilient people emerge from adversity stronger and more resourceful. In short, they grow.

The good news is emotional resilience can be learned. You may be facing a major life transition or simply struggling to cope with many day-to-day demands. This class offers a toolbox of skills, strategies and insights to help. We'll consider where our ideas about resilience come from. We'll address our approach to failure, and how we can re-frame it. We’ll explore the complexities of emotions, and how we can work with them. And, we'll learn how we can incorporate a story of resilience into every situation we face.


18.00     Welcome & Class commences
19.30     Break (times vary)
21.00     Class finishes

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'Anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way.'
— Chuck Norris


Sophi Bruce crafts learning experiences for a range of people and contexts that focus on thinking differently, developing leadership impact and adapting to change. Sophi has lived and worked extensively in the UK and now in Australia where she holds roles with the University of Technology Sydney and Social Leadership Australia.  She has previously worked within public and commercial sectors and holds a Honours degree in English Literature and a Masters in Communication.  Her formative years were spent growing up in a commune learning the basics of collaboration, perspective sharing and tolerance.


Our classes have been designed to give useful insights around the big themes in life. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other curious, open-minded individuals.

These sessions are designed by experts and taught by members of our faculty. They include a mix of lecture and group activity and conversation. Optional homework is provided for those interested in further study.

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How To Be Resilient


When and where:
  • Monday 23 October 2017 6 - 9pm
    The School of Life, 370 Bourke St Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010


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