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Why we got together 

SEEK’s purpose is to ‘help people live fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed’. To help their own employees succeed, they launched ‘This is SEEK’, which explains what makes SEEK unique and the Attributes and Beliefs for success, such as passion for the customer and great judgement and decision making.  To further build emotional intelligence alongside the technical training, SEEK partnered with The School of Life. 

'The School of Life classes help to simplify some of the questions we all have about the way we think and some of our behaviours, while at the same time providing a great skill development opportunity.'
— Kon Krios, SEEK’s Capability and Development Manager. 

What we created 

In a true partnership with SEEK, we got in boots and all and piloted a full suite of high impact, engaging workshop topics from The School of Life suite. We ran 20 workshops ranging from realising your potential, leadership, confidence to creativity.

After piloting the first program, TSOL and SEEK continued the partnership with a more strategic approach, offering workshops that closely aligned to bringing ‘This is SEEK’ to life. Through this evaluation process and seeking feedback from the business, we determined the next phase would be targeted at decision making, work life balance, communication, resilience and leadership development.  We also arranged targeted cohorts, such as new leaders to SEEK and the regional offices, to ensure everyone was given this valuable development opportunity.