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Sally McNamara
Business Program Manager
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Why we got together 

MYOB are a creative bunch that really set about engaging staff in a meaningful way. They had identified that some cultural challenges needed to be addressed, with a particular focus on work-life balance, communication, resilience and decision making. MYOB wanted to engage with a partner that could bring a fresh and innovative approach to learning as that was in line with where they wanted to innovate in the market at the time.

'Myke Bartlett is a cracking facilitator. Great content, great delivery (pace, responsiveness) and great topic. Compliments!'
Stefanie Di Trocchio, Content Lead

What we created

We launched the program with MYOB with 45-minute high impact teaser sessions to introduce the learning journey. It was like the movie trailer for the learning to come but with the aim of having inspired the audience with practical take aways they could reflect on until they workshops were rolled out. 

After the successful sessions in NZ, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, TSOL worked with MYOB to build a diverse program of selected workshops that focused on the pillars of Creativity, Wellbeing and Communication. Over the course of a year, MYOB undertook 20 core curriculum classes which have addressed company cultural challenges such as work life balance, resilience, communication at work and decision making