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Sally McNamara
Business Program Manager
0410 381 509

Why we got together 

Facebook Australia approached The School of Life to contribute to the all staff offsite/onsite. Facebook wanted to conclude the 90-person company gathering with an engaging learning experience exploring just what good conversation is? Offering ideas to be able to connect more reliably with colleagues, customers and loved ones.

'It's fair to say that the TSOL Session was one of the highlights of our team day and had many people approach The School of Life  afterwards to express thanks for a truly engaging and uplifting session. You really nailed the brief.'
Naomi Shepherd, Director: Brand

What we created 

Working with a trusting and wonderful client we delivered an experience delving into the psychology and philosophy of conversation. What works and what often doesn't - as well as the assumptions we make about other people that stifle mutual understanding and curiosity. We wanted the team to leave the event feeling a deeper and more authentic connection to each other through the power of conversation. With a largely sales based team in Australia Facebook staff were then able to put the ideas we explored into practice, testing as we learn. 

Of course, no conversations event would be complete without our TSOL Conversations cards for Facebook staff to use as a learning tool during and post learning experience.

We are now in phase two of our learning partnership focusing on the theme 'resilience'.