Jasmine Ferres

Jasmine  Ferres

Jasmine Ferres is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Consultant who specializes in Creative Leadership. She has almost 20 years experience working for Creative Companies in Media, Tech, Music, Retail and Advertising within Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. Jasmine created and facilitates the Global Leadership Program for the executive team behind Apple's Advertising and coaches many of their Executives. Jasmine is also the co-founder of the Unique Leader Project, a film series that shines a spotlight on more humane, diverse and sustainable styles of leadership through interviewing lesser known and different types of leaders from around the world. Having previously worked as an Executive in male dominated teams, Jasmine consults with companies to help them break down stereotypes and traditional notions of success. She holds a First Class Honors Degree in Sociology, is an expert in behavioural analytics, is a qualified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a trained Yoga teacher.  Jasmine is a lover of the outdoors, she cares deeply about the environment and promoting personal well-being.