Group Psychotherapy

A 16-week course of Group Psychotherapy held at The School of Life's therapy space in London. 

Therapy is mostly done one-on-one, but there can - for some of us - be great advantages to joining a group, where we meet regularly and talk with unusual focus and openness about our emotional lives. Group therapy differs from a mere gathering of friends, because it is led by a therapist trained in how to offer structure and support and guide the conversation in the most useful and interesting ways.

Group therapy offers rich insights into how we behave around, and respond to, other people. Fears, hopes and patterns of behaviour that don’t normally get observed in daily life can be studied and discussed in an atmosphere of deep insight and kindness. 

If you aren't able to attend this course but might like to attend Group Therapy in the future please register your interest by subscribing to our mailing list, we will email you once we release new dates.

Useful information:

Group Psychotherapy is a weekly 16-session therapy group held on Tuesday evenings from 6.30-8pm. The group will consist of up to 8 people.

Dates: The course will run on Tuesday evenings, beginning on 26th February, with a 2 week break for Easter (no sessions on 9th and 16th April) and ending on 25th June 2019.

Location: The School of Life London Therapy Space, 8 Northington Street, London WC1N 2JQ

Cost: The initial therapy consultation costs £100, during this one-hour therapy session you and the therapist will discuss your suitability for joining a group and may decide that one-on-one therapy is more appropriate. If you decide to undertake the group psychotherapy course the cost for the 16 week course is £800. You can either pay in two instalments of £400, one at the start of the group and one before the 8th group session, or you can pay the full amount in advance for a 5% discount, paying £760.

Group Facilitator: Dr. Violetta Papachristodoulou, Counselling Psychologist

Group Psychotherapy

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