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Calm Collection
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Calm Collection

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A gift set to restore calm containing Varieties of Melancholy, 15 Minute Timer, Stoicism Cards, The Calm Workbook and The School of Life Dictionary.

Our Gifts to Restore Calm are designed to alleviate anxiety and practise healthier mental habits, helping someone you love cultivate a more present and serene mindset.


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Varieties of Melancholy – This is a book that celebrates the most neglected but valuable emotion we can feel: melancholy. Melancholy isn’t depression or anger or bitterness, it’s a serene, accepting, gentle, wise and kindly response to the difficulties and occasional misery of being alive. It steers an ideal mid-way course between despair on the one hand and naïve optimism on the other.


15 Minute Timer – This hourglass sand timer reminds us to carve out 15 minutes a day for what truly counts. It demarcates a very modest and manageable period to dedicate to the important things we so often let slide – finally writing that letter to an old friend, rationally analysing our career ambitions, or playing in a concentrated way with a child. It’s an antidote to wasted days and a counter to the urge to procrastinate, prompting us to do a minimum of what really counts.

Glass timer | instruction booklet and box |13 x 5.5 cm


The School of Life Dictionary – A dictionary is a guide to language. This dictionary is for the distinctive language that The School of Life ‘speaks’: that of emotions. It is a selection of over 160 words and phrases that shed light on our feelings about ourselves, other people, and the workings of the modern world.

Hardback book with a black ribbon page holder | 147 x 202 x 26 mm


Stoicism Cards – We still pay homage to one of the most relevant philosophies ever devised when we call someone ‘stoic’ for the way they handle the challenges in their lives with resilience and calm. Originating in Greece around 300 BCE, Stoicism was for many centuries the most popular philosophy in the Western world, teaching people practical advice on how they could flourish in uncertain times and overcome their anxieties.

This box of cards gathers together the best insights and sayings from the great Stoic thinkers and marries them up with commentaries that bring out their applicability to our own lives. This is both an elegant summary of ancient philosophy and a route to self-knowledge, serenity and strength of mind.

53 cards | 70mm x 100m x 25mm


The Calm Workbook – This is a workbook that takes us through the practical steps required to actually become calm. It is filled with exercises and prompts that deliver the self-understanding and self-compassion on which true serenity depends. Furthermore, the book invites us to build calming routines into our daily lives so that what we learn can stick with us and change us for the long term.

Chapters include:

Learning to Handle Moods
Philosophical Meditation
No one is Normal
Global Pessimism

Please note, the items arrive as a collection but are not gift-wrapped.