4 Week Group on Relationships

This is a group that allows individuals and couples to learn from other peoples’ experiences, become aware of how difficulties arise, and develop healthier habits for engaging and communicating with others effectively.

The group leader is a highly trained psychotherapist who facilitates open, insightful discussions in a safe and encouraging environment. Sessions consist of experiential exercises, supportive conversations, and the development of concrete tools and skills for improving relationships.

Session 1: Commitment Issues

Session 2: Sex and Emotions

Session 3: Family & Relationships: Where We are From and Where We Can Go in Our Relationships

Session 4: Relationship Dynamics and the Impact of Change

Booking information

  • This is a weekly 4-session group running on Mondays from 1st - 22nd October 2018 from 18:30-20:00.
  • The sessions are held at The School of Life London therapy space, 8 Northington Street, London WC1N 2JQ.
  • There are twelve spaces per group.
  • This is a group for people of all ages and sexual orientations.

About Groups at The School of Life

Whether you love being part of a group or tend to feel like an outsider in group settings, the experience of working through issues in a safe and thoughtfully-managed group can be immensely reparative. 

Our groups at The School of Life in London, led by our psychotherapists and psychologists, integrate The School of Life’s values with clinical expertise. This means that our groups are both highly experiential and interactive and also offer a practical, realistic, and insight-oriented level of support. The group process differs significantly from a spontaneous chat among friends, as its structure and purpose encourage conversation to develop with focus. Participants can go more deeply into their own issues in this safe and secure space.

The therapist facilitator will offer guidance and insight as well as tools and skills for dealing with particular struggles.  In our groups you can explore difficulties and engage in lively discussions with people who may be dealing with similar issues—shared struggles provide multiple perspectives as well as mutual support.

4 Week Group on Relationships

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