A Night of Better Conversation: Memory

Human beings have used memory as a high-performance tool to build cultures, spread knowledge and make meaning. Individually, our relationship to memory as the primary source of how we understand ourselves, our fears, our pleasures and our longings is as perplexing and interesting as we are. Why do we remember some things and not others? What happens to our identities when we forget? Who decides what is real about our individual timelines?   

'Memory' is a concept that has been richly explored by philosophers, scientists and artists for as long as we have record, and with good reason. What better theme to try to forget what we know about ourselves and others and poke around the edges of our realities together?  

A Night of Better Conversation is a chance to engage with minds moulded by forces different to our own, and to go beyond our comfort zone by taking risks in what we are willing to share. Whatever your feelings about your memories, join us for an evening of adventurous conversations, as we explore our imagined selves, our hopes, our terrors and our false imaginings. Proust will be there, and so will Sherlock Holmes; a few ancient Greeks and some neuroscientists - the usual Thursday night crowd. 

The night will be broken into theory and practice. You will begin by learning a specific technique for better conversation and then invited to practice the technique with other people. As we explore the art, we'll consider whether it would serve us to more easily remember things, or to forget them? How do our memories provide us with access to the chief pleasures of life? We'll ask each other to consider that who we are might simply be a product of what we can remember, and if so, what enduring memories may have brought us to this sense of self.


17.00     The Everleigh Bar Opens
18.00     The Elk Room Opens (themed bespoke cocktail upon arrival)
18.30     Welcome & Introduction
19.00     Technique 1
19.30     Technique 2
20.00     Technique 3
20.30     Permission to Speak Freely
21.00     Event Concludes, Bar Open for Continued Conversation

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'Even though our lives wander, our memories remain in one place.'
– Marcel Proust

This event is proudly presented in partnership with The Everleigh. 

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Sarah Darmody is the prize-winning author of the travel memoir Ticket to Ride – Lost and Found in America. She has worked as a journalist and film critic in the USA.  Sarah enjoyed a career in publishing with Penguin Australia, and worked at the ABC. Her most recent book, Thanks for the Mammaries, included contributions from some of the world’s best-loved female authors to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She currently writes and consults to various government agencies, and wonders about a great many things.


Our lives are so often filled with superficial talk, from office chitchat to commentaries on last night's television. How can we have conversations that inspire us to think in new ways, that stimulate our curiosity and that prompt us to say things we've never said before? A Night of Better Conversation has been designed to help us enjoy rich and memorable conversations about things that really matter in life, inspired by the ideas of great thinkers and philosophers. 

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A Night of Better Conversation: Memory


Special Event
When and where:
  • Thu 14 Jun 2018 6 – 9pm,
    The Elk Room, The Everleigh Bar, Upstairs, 150-156 Gertrude Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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Full price: $60.00
Concession: $50.00
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Further drinks will be available for purchase on the night. Light catering will be provided.

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The Elk Room, The Everleigh
Upstairs, 150-156 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Please note this event is a stand-up, cocktail style event with approximately 70 participants.

The venue is not wheelchair accessible. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.