Communicate Better At Work

The stronger a team’s communication skills are, the better the outcome. Good communication enables us to build strong relationships with employers, co-workers, clients and customers. This makes it crucial that we learn how to convey tricky but important messages in good time, with clarity, respect and patience.

However, many things stand in the way of effective communication: we often know what we want to say, but our attempts to express it are misunderstood; our minds go blank at crucial moments; we bite our tongue rather than risk getting it wrong; or we make a rash comment which we later regret.

This workshop addresses some of the greatest challenges we face in modern workplace communication. We’ll consider the facets of our personality that we do and don’t present in the office – and how to communicate more of our true selves during the working day. We look at ways to slow things down: enabling us to override the autopilot that governs so much communication, giving us time to reflect on the messages that we may be sending out without quite realising. We’ll consider why we need to be more ‘other-aware’, to recognise our dependence on others and become genuinely curious about their point of view. We will also explore a critical but neglected skill of the modern workplace: the ability to speak to others in front of small or large groups. 

In this business workshop, we:

- Learn how biases can impede communication and how to spot potential communication pitfalls in advance;
- Examine how to build trusting relationships and network effectively;
- Learn to move beyond task-based relationships and become more convincing to others;
- Look at striking the right balance between self-interest and others’ interests in conflict and negotiation;
- Learn to give and receive feedback, controlling our knee-jerk assumptions, responses and defences;
- Practice listening better and asking the right questions;
- Discover how to pitch convincingly, by leaning into our discomfort and putting ourselves and our ideas fully out on display.


9.00     Tea, coffee and pastries
9.30     Workshop commences
11.15   Break (times vary) 
13.00   Workshop concludes  



'Language is wine upon the lips.'

— Virginia Woolf


Julian Waters-Lynch is fascinated by both the changing experiences and enduring qualities of work and organisational life. Over the past fifteen years he has found himself getting paid to play piano, translate Spanish, teach classes across primary, secondary and tertiary education, mentor social entrepreneurs, run a startup accelerator, make coffee, design leadership programs, facilitate innovation workshops and deliver keynotes on work futures (not in that order).

Julian is particularly curious about the gap many of us hold between our current experiences and desired futures for work, and how more responsive and meaningful work practices might enable more of us to engage in work we love in organisations that thrive.


Bringing together the expertise of entrepreneurs, psychologists, thought leaders and CEOs, and drawing upon The School of Life’s unique expertise in cultivating emotional intelligence, our Business School workshops will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the modern workplace.


At The School of Life, we believe that emotional maturity is the key to better employee performance and engagement. Alongside technical skills, employees need to master a range of sophisticated ‘soft’ emotional skills to be able to better thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their tasks.

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Communicate Better At Work


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