Be More Effective At Work

Effectiveness leads to extraordinary differences between what different nations and individuals can do with the same amount of that always-finite resource: time. 

The consequence of an absence of effectiveness isn’t just ineffectiveness. It is, to put it bluntly, regret. Yet the never-ending to do list and multiple demands from others can make it surprisingly difficult to sort the urgent tasks from the merely important, let alone get them done.

This workshop explores how to pick the right approach for any given task; when to make space for reflection and when to trust your instincts; when to go for the magic shortcut, and when to slog out the details. We’ll also explore practical tips for dealing with procrastination and discretion, and learn to accept regret and inefficiency when they are necessary.

In this business workshop, we:

- Consider what makes getting things done difficult, including emotional and psychological barriers;
- Learn to adapt our approach to work to emphasise our values and strengths;
- Learn specific ways to adapt our approach to the task at hand;
- Look at strategies to help us choose realistic goals;
- Discover when to break rules in the name of effectiveness;
- Learn habits and techniques to beat procrastination;
- Develop smart systems to make effectiveness a habit.


9.00     Tea, coffee and pastries
9.30     Workshop commences
11.15    Break (times vary) 
13.00   Workshop concludes 



'The most effective way to do it is to do it.'
– Amelia Earhart


Dr Melissa Marot is an organisational psychologist and is also clinically trained, with a professional interest in neuropsychology, the science of mindfulness, ACT and positive psychology. Melissa has a specialist interest in wellbeing and performance at work. She has many years experience working with people and organisations, including individual coaching and workshop facilitation. She has experience working with a range of psychological needs - career transitions, meaning and purpose, stress and burnout, workplace issues, anxiety, depression, bullying and interpersonal difficulties. Melissa enjoys connections and collaborations with a diverse range of people, approaches and cultures - which extends from her professional life through to travelling adventures.


Bringing together the expertise of entrepreneurs, psychologists, thought leaders and CEOs, and drawing upon The School of Life’s unique expertise in cultivating emotional intelligence, our Business School workshops will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the modern workplace.


At The School of Life, we believe that emotional maturity is the key to better employee performance and engagement. Alongside technical skills, employees need to master a range of sophisticated ‘soft’ emotional skills to be able to better thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their tasks.

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