Looking For Love | Four-Week Course

A four-week course to prepare us for the complex business of finding and maintaining love.

Finding love is no easy task. The challenges we face are highly complex and constantly evolving, yet rarely explored with any great rigour. To help us navigate this complicated business, we’ve drawn together the best of The School of Life’s curriculum into a four-week intensive course. With other curious and open-minded people, we will develop the emotional skills to know what we are looking for and how to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way.

This is not a practical course in how to use dating apps or widen our social networks. Rather, our curriculum brings the best insights of philosophy and psychology to bear on the emotional concerns that we face in finding and maintaining love. Each week expert faculty will guide us through ideas and exercises designed to challenge our patterns and instincts around love and encourage us to share our experiences and insights in an intimate, non-judgemental environment.

Part One: How To Find Love
In our first class, we will gain a crucial set of insights to help us make safer, more imaginative and more effective choices in love. In How To Find Love we will:

  • Improve our understanding of why we make the choices we do
  • Discover how our early experiences give us scripts regarding whom we can love, and how
  • Examine harmful repetitive patterns and why we choose people who make us unhappy 

Part Two: How To Be Sociable
In week two, we develop the tools to make a greater success of our relationships with friends, colleagues and strangers. How To Be Sociable tackles, head on, the multiple challenges of knowing how to be with others. It delivers penetrating answers to the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between vulnerability and connection?
  • How can one be at ease in social situations?
  • How can we have deeper, more meaningful conversations? 

Part Three: A Night of Better Conversation - Relationships
In week three we take our new insights and skills out of the classroom to enjoy an evening of adventurous conversation with other curious, open-minded people at The School of Life’s A Night of Better Conversation: Relationships.

A Night of Better Conversation has been designed to help us enjoy rich and memorable conversations about things that really matter in life, inspired by the ideas of great thinkers and philosophers. The night will be broken into theory and practice. You will begin by learning a specific technique for better conversation and then invited to practice the technique with other people – all focused on the theme of relationships.

Part Four: How To Make Love Last
Back in the classroom, in week four we learn seven core skills that underpin successful long-term relationships. We will learn:

  • How to communicate, teach and learn
  • How to allow others to get close to us
  • How to understand and explain our distinctive way of feeling loved
  • How to navigate conflict
  • How to deal with sexual differences and awkward desires 


Wednesday 6 March, 6 – 9pm (School of Life Classroom)
Part One: How To Find Love
5.45pm Welcome
6.00pm Class begins
7.30pm Break (times vary)
9.00pm Class finishes 

Wednesday 13 March, 6 – 9pm (School of Life Classroom)
Part Two: How To Be Sociable
5.45pm Welcome
6.00pm Class begins
7.30pm Break (times vary)
9.00pm Class finishes  

Wednesday 20 March, 6.30 – 9pm (The Elk Room, The Everleigh Bar)
Part Three: A Night of Better Conversation: Relationships
6.30pm Doors Open & Drinks
7.00pm Welcome & introduction
7.15pm Technique 1 & conversation
7.30pm Technique 2 & conversation
8.00pm Technique 3 & conversation
8.30pm Permission to Speak Freely
9.00pm Event concludes, bar open for continued conversation

Wednesday 27 March, 6 – 9pm (School of Life Classroom)
Part Four: How To Make Love Last
5.45pm Welcome
6.00pm Class begins
7.30pm Break (times vary)
9.00pm Class finishes 

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Please be aware, our Looking For Love four-week course contains material from the following individual classes: How To Find Love, How To Be Sociable and How To Make Love Last.

Compatibility is an achievement of love; it shouldn’t be its precondition.

– Alain de Botton


How To Find Love
Sarah Pant 
is a psychotherapist, change specialist, organisational development consultant and group facilitator. Sarah brings over thirteen years experience and a conscious creativity to every endeavour. She has a particular interest in conflict work, ecopsychology and the creative process and dynamics of change.

How To Be Sociable & ANOBC: Relationships
Myke Bartlett was born in Perth, and spent his first twenty years trying to escape. A trained journalist, Bartlett writes on politics, movies, pop culture and rock music for Australia’s best known cultural publications. His debut young adult novel Fire in the Sea won the 2011 Text Prize.

How To Make Love Last
Pierz Newton-John is a writer, psychotherapist and software designer. Pierz’s short stories have been widely published in Australian literary journals and anthologies, and his critically acclaimed collection “Fault Lines” was published by Spineless Wonders in 2012.


Courses allow time for an in-depth exploration of the topic through conversation and activities. Our courses provide an opportunity to work with leading members of our faculty over the course of a structured period. 

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