Business Bootcamp: The Future Shaper

Organisational change is the ‘new normal’. Every company is reviewing old models and ways of working and understanding that there are huge shifts to be made if they don’t want to become obsolete. There is no sector that will remain unaffected. Even very traditional and previously “untouchable” professional services are being disrupted through alternative competitors (contract lawyer marketplaces for example). With such momentous change, managing our personal resilience will be ever more crucial as will the ability to adopt a ‘growth’ mindset to manage oneself through continuous change.

According to the World Economic Forum, employees will need 101 days of retraining and upskilling (on average) in the period up to 2022 to prevent emerging skills gaps that could threaten the ongoing success of a company.

Increasing self-awareness and operating from a growth rather than fixed mindset, will be an essential skillset to undertake the change required to adapt in the technological revolution.

What We Explore:

Part One: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand what we mean when we say Emotional Intelligence and how it has changed through history
  • Take a realistic look at why Emotional Intelligence is needed in today's workplace 
  • Explore the ways in which The School of Life teach Emotional Intelligence 
  • Learn principles and techniques that you can take into your every day to embed Emotional Intelligence into your life.

Part Two: Innovation

  • Practise prototyping designs and pitching so that stakeholders buy into our ideas
  • Consider how to keep multiple stakeholders in the loop and engaged over the long run
  • Think through how to keep our project going long term
  • Explore our responses to failure and risk, where they come from in our lives, and how we can embrace risk, overcome difficulty, and learn from setbacks

Part Three: Creativity

  • Learn the myths and the realities of the creative process
  • Explore our intuition and learn how to access it regularly
  • Learn strategies for coming up with new ideas and overcoming creative blocks
  • Reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses during the creative process


9.30am         Introduction to EQ  
10.15am       Workshop 1: Innovation (incl. coffee break)
12.45pm       Lunch break (included)
2.00pm        Workshop 2: Creativity (incl. coffee break)
4.30pm        Close


It is universally recognised that alongside technical skills, people who can master a range of sophisticated emotional skills are better able to thrive, manage themselves and succeed at work.

Our business bootcamps are designed to help participants navigate the challenges of work in the 21st Century.

Join fellow participants for an intensive day-long workshop including an introduction to emotional intelligence, key skills with practical applications, and networking with other curious business-minded individuals.


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'Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.'

– Edith Widder


Sally McNamara

Sally McNamara is a change maker, storyteller and relationship builder with over 14 years' experience working in global companies such as Siemens, BBC and DLA Piper across Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK. Sally’s particular interest is in helping individuals to develop and practice their emotional skills to help them have a more fulfilling experience of work (and life!). She passionately believes that emotional skills will be the key differentiator in the digital age – both for individuals and for companies.

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