A one-hour interactive lecture on the role that emotions play in business and office life.

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Keynote from The School of Life for Business

Our Keynote provides a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the largest and thorniest questions employees and organisations face in today’s world: from dealing with emotional problems at work; to the keys to effective collaboration; to techniques to help us better understand our own minds. Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, it's a brief but thorough introduction to some groundbreaking ideas for a larger audience.

Emotional Skills and the Future of Work

Emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’ is no longer a ‘nice to have’ skillset. The flipside of the technology revolution is that “human” skills such as: creativity, originality and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion and negotiation will actually grow in importance.

Developing our emotional skills is a core part of improving our overall wellbeing at work and our ability to not just survive, but thrive. We know that emotional intelligence is important, but we’re not always quite sure what it really is. This is an introduction: exploring what it means, how it can make teams and organisations more creative, collaborative and productive and how we can develop our emotional skills on a daily basis (like we would do physical exercise daily, for example). 

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of what we mean by emotional intelligence and some practical examples.
  • How emotional skills can help us thrive in the digital age – both at work and in our broader life.
  • A reflection technique called “Philosophical Meditation” to  download our anxieties, upsets and excitements to aid self-understanding and build motivation to change.