A one-hour interactive lecture on the role that emotions play in business and office life.

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Keynote from The School of Life for Business

Our Keynote provides a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the largest and thorniest questions employees and organisations face in today’s world: from dealing with emotional problems at work; to the keys to effective collaboration; to techniques to help us better understand our own minds. Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, it's a brief but thorough introduction to some groundbreaking ideas for a larger audience.

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

We know emotional intelligence is important, but we’re not always quite sure what it really is. This is an introduction: exploring what it means, how it can make teams and organisations more creative, collaborative, and productive, and how we can practice key emotional skills on a daily basis. We’ll also try some Philosophical Meditation, a technique for reflecting on anxieties, upsets and excitements to aid self-understanding and motivation.