Meaningful Gifts

A meaningful gift is one that identifies something important that’s missing in our lives — and helps us to find it. Our new collection of meaningful gifts are a curation of books and tools designed to meet the deepest needs of those we love.


The Partners & Couples Gift Set

The most meaningful gift we can give to those we love is one that teaches them to understand love better. This gift set is designed to help partners and couples discover the secrets of passion, diplomacy and intimacy.


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The Who Am I? Gift Set

To begin to make meaningful changes to our lives, we first have to work out who we really are. This gift set is designed to help someone we love practice self-knowledge and discover how their mind works.


The Parties with Friends Gift Set

The best games aren’t simply fun — they break down social barriers and encourage us to open up to each-other. This gift set contains games that spark meaningful conversations and deepen friendships.


The Career Therapy Gift Set

A fulfilling career isn’t just a well-paid one — we need our jobs to be meaningful. This gift set is a resource for helping someone recognise their talents and passions and find their true calling.


Meaningful Gifts For


Whether we’ve been with someone for three weeks or thirty years, we could all do with some guidance on keeping our relationship strong. Our relationship gifts do just that: teaching us the fundamentals of strong, lasting love.

Meaningful Gifts For Colleagues

We spend a significant portion of our lives with our colleagues: they deserve gifts that make a difference to their own. We have a host of gifts for fellow professionals that teach strategies for mastering workplace dynamics.

Meaningful Gifts For Young Minds

It’s never too early to start thinking about life’s big questions — indeed, the earlier the better. We’ve created books and tools to get young minds thinking — about emotions, philosophy, nature and themselves.