Virtual Workshops

For businesses and teams working remotely, with members dispersed across different locations and timezones, gathering together for group training isn’t a simple prospect. That’s why we created our virtual workshops series: adapting 12 of our standard workshops into a live, interactive format.  

Delivered by our regular world-class faculty, our virtual workshops offers the same curated, communal experience as those in our regular programme. A live two-way video feed and slide presentation* ensures that, wherever in the world they might be, participants feel like they’re all together in the same room.   

The workshops are 2 hours long and are suitable for groups of up to 10 people at a time. Hosted on the web conferencing platform Zoom, they are highly interactive and collaborative: participants can raise their hands to ask questions, write on virtual whiteboards, vote in group polls, and enter private break-out sessions for group exercises. Each workshop is accompanied by an extensive workbook designed to help embed the learnings from the session and allow participants to practise the relevant emotional skills over the long-term. The virtual workshops also include clear action points throughout, as well as follow-up exercises and engaging further resources to help participants bring the insights of the workshop into their working lives after the workshop has concluded. 

*Please note that our virtual workshops are a live experience and cannot be recorded