Our programme of emotional skills workshops draws on our 10+ years of experience in this field. We also apply the insights of psychodynamic psychotherapy in order to help people examine their unconscious patterns of behaviour and relationships with others.

We’ve chosen these particular emotional skills because they are the building blocks that make up emotional intelligence: collaboration, agility, influence, productivity, inspiration and self-knowledge. The modular nature of our workshops means we can build a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of each organisation we work with.

When a team is dispersed across different locations and time zones, gathering together to attend a workshop just might not be possible. That’s why we created our virtual workshop series: adapting our standard workshops into a live, interactive format, hosted online.

With each team member joining from their remote location, via their laptop, the workshop is delivered via a live two-way video feed by our regular world-class faculty. Hosted on the web conferencing platform Zoom, they are highly interactive and collaborative: participants can raise their hands to ask questions, write on virtual whiteboards, vote in group polls and enter private break-out session for group exercises. This level of interaction and small group work helps to ensure that our virtual workshops offer the same curated, intimate experience as our standard workshops.

Each workshop is accompanied by an extensive workbook designed to help embed the learnings from the session and allow participants to practise the relevant emotional skills over the long-term. Virtual workshops are two hours long.

*Please note that our virtual workshops are a live experience and cannot be recorded