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Comic Relief

What we created

We provided a School of Life week of learning for the entire organisation on a wide range of topics, including purpose, entrepreneurship, adaptability, creativity and innovation. Employees selected the sessions most relevant to their work and built on their learning by attending multiple sessions. In-depth discussion in each session helped employees not only build individual skills but reflect with their colleagues and teammates on new potential ways of working. The learning will continue next year with a series of further workshops.

How it succeeded

“The School of Life have been a pleasure to work with, simple,  quick responses and it really feels like a partnership and not the traditional supplier consumer relationship. I also love how passionate they are about getting it right for us, they have taken the time to understand our business and give recommendations which are truly tailored. We also have had a lot of people more interested in emotional intelligence based learning – since running our first session we have had so many people asking when they are coming back which is so refreshing’

Meghan Walsh, Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Manager, Comic Relief



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