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Emotional maturity is key to the future of organisations. While the technical skills we need change as the economy changes, work will always require human beings to collaborate in service of a common purpose, putting key emotional skills to use. By investing in the emotional intelligence of their people, organisations in every industry can build a more engaged, productive and collaborative workforce. Research shows that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.


How We Work

We can bring our emotional skills training to your organisation in three different ways: Our 2-hour emotional skills workshops allow us to build a bespoke programme to fit the needs of your organisation, the Management Series will deliver tailored and extended workshops to your senior leaders and our Keynote Speeches provide the opportunity to address a large audience with an introduction to emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Why Focus on Emotional Skills?

Case Studies

The Emotionally Intelligent Office

This book is informed by the practical work of The School of Life for Business. It takes us around the 20 emotional skills we focus on in our workshops to show how each one can help us build more emotionally intelligent workplaces.

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