Reading Retreats at Life House

Escape to Wales for a weekend reading retreat to catch up with our ideas and your own thoughts. 

7- 10 June - FULLY BOOKED

22- 23 September

22- 25 November

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In 2016, we constructed an extraordinary retreat, Life House, in an isolated valley in the middle of Wales. The retreat is a place for thinking, reflection, friendship and new perspectives. Clad in black brick on the outside, and warm beige brick within, the building has some of the solemnity, grandeur and peace of the great monasteries of old. Life House has three large ensuite rooms.

Previously the house could be booked by only a single party. But we have now made it possible for different people to book each of the three bedrooms individually - and therefore to share the retreat with other members of The School of Life.

This reading weekend is part of a programme of long weekends at the retreat, available for single occupants or couples. The retreat includes being given topics of reflection - and a range of The School of Life’s books.

Rental of each room costs £450. It includes The School of Life Library, worth £90.

To book your place on The School of Life Reading & Thinking Retreat, please email (the retreat is managed for The School of Life by an organisation called Living Architecture). We will send you a booking form and more information. The 3 rooms are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note that the house is self-catering; it has a large and excellently equipped kitchen.

View more photos of Life House here.

The Life House Interior

The Life House Kitchen

The Life House Exterior