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Our Prompt Cards

Prompt cards are beautifully designed cards, each with a short idea, suggestion,
or activity to help you focus and refocus on important ideas and emotions.

Prompt cards are useful because of a key fact about human beings: we forget important things. At the humblest level, the shopping list had to be invented because we have a tendency to overlook half the requirements of the larder when at the store. We likewise forget a great many pieces of emotional wisdom that are in our minds in theory, but that we overlook in practice. The wise, consoling, encouraging, or cautionary words are simply not there when we need them.

That’s where our sets of prompt cards are designed to help. They might prompt you to be little more calm, kind, or confident day to day. With short amusing aphorisms or suggested activities they might help you get to know yourself better or to think more about the right career for you. Prompt cards serve as tangible reminders of the ideas and actions that need to bring to life in our daily lives.


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Our sets of prompt cards include:

Calm Prompt Cards Resized 1Calm Prompt Cards

A set of calming prompt cards that use a mixture of irony, philosophical insight and strategic pessimism to lend perspective on life’s sorrows and regrets.


Career Crisis Prompt Cards Resized 1Career Crisis Prompt Cards

These incisive and wise prompt cards are here to unblock career crises and free up our thinking around work – setting us on a path to a job that will tap into the best parts of us.

IMG 4045 base resizedConfidence Prompt Cards

These confidence prompt cards keep a variety of consoling and invigorating arguments at the front of our minds, ready for the greater and smaller challenges of our lives.

Kindness 2072 resizedKindness Prompt Cards

With charm, the cards present us with a series of thoughts that nurture our sympathy, our powers of compassion, our calmness and our appetite for forgiveness. They return us to who we always want to be and deep down already are: kind people.

Know Yourself Resized 1Know Yourself Prompt Cards

These cards are designed to assist us in a journey of self-knowledge; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us to understand ourselves better.

You might use place your prompt cards on your desk, in your car, or in your home as a daily reminder, perhaps setting a challenge to read at least one a day.

“Love it, Printed nicely, and they're a nice little helper to have on my desk that I refer to when I'm feeling like I need a boost, and to realign my perspective​.”

— James, Confidence Prompt cards

Prompt cards are a lovely conversation-starters. You might display them at a party or gathering to foster more meaningful conversation.

Or you can peruse our prompt cards with a friend over a coffee, with family members over dinner, or even on a date to explore the ideas within with your partner.

Prompt cards also make ideal gifts, particularly for those who might need a bit of encouragement or consolation. You might gift calm cards to someone struggling to keep a cool head amidst stress, or gift confidence cards to someone starting a new job, or gift kindness cards to anyone seeking greater perspective.

“There is a lot of variety in this deck. I like that some cards are very light, surface topics, that I could chat with people about, and others go deeper. I sat down and thought long and hard to myself with a few of them. I had never done deep, self discovery work before. But that is exactly why I purchased them. Would absolutely recommend!”

— Erika, Know Yourself Prompt Cards

Our prompt cards are also very beautiful when laid out on a coffee table or as household decoration.


IMG 4091 resizedConfidence cards laid out together.

“The Kindness Prompt Cards are not just beautiful on their own, the messages they convey are deep, beautiful and they do serve their purpose. I would definitely buy from them again and recommend them.”

— Aggeliki, Kindness Prompt Cards

Choose from our beautiful assortment of prompt cards here.

If you already love your prompt cards, we’d love to hear about it. You can let us know how you use your prompt cards here.

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