How to Speak Power: Understanding Verbal Power Dynamics

More than ever, language is power. In the modern world, where conflicts are settled not on the battlefield but in the boardroom (and bedroom), how we fare depends in large part upon how we speak; our ability to argue our case, persuade others of our point of view, and resist attempts to bully, talk over, and otherwise silence us. Learning to speak power can be immensely difficult, particularly if we have been conditioned from birth to be meek, obliging, and preferably mute.   

Since 2013, Kasia Urbaniak & Ruben Flores have taught women how to speak power and navigate conflict at every level of their lives. Their signature class, Power With Men 101, has been a laboratory for exploring the complex power dynamics that underpin some of the most entrenched conflicts women face: from negotiating equal pay at work; navigating sexless but otherwise “happy” marriages; dealing with workplaces that discredit women's opinions, and walking through daily life in an image-obsessed society that asks women to tiptoe an impossibly fine line.

In this three hour, highly interactive masterclass, Urbaniak & Flores will help participants to understand the complexities that lie at the heart of our most entrenched conflicts and suggest ways we can deal with them through forthright and fearless speech. Join us for a unique, insightful and game-changing afternoon that seeks to challenge societal expectations about women and power and teach us all to speak with courage and conviction in every area of life.   


14:30 Doors open

15:00 Talk Begins

16:00 Live Demonstration

16:25 Discussion

16:40 Break

17:00 Live exercises with audience members

17:40 Audience Q&A

18:00 Event Ends

More about the speakers

Kasia Urbaniak 

Kasia Urbaniak is the founder and CEO of The Academy, a school that teaches women the foundations of power and influence. Kasia's perspective on power is unique. Over the course of nearly 20 years, she has worked as professional dominatrix, and practiced Taoist alchemy in one of the oldest female-led monasteries in China. Since founding The Academy in 2013, Kasia has taught hundreds of women practical tools to step into leadership positions in their relationships, families, workplaces, and wider communities. She has spoken at corporations and conferences worldwide.

Ruben Flores

Ruben Flores is the co-founder of The Academy. After concluding that women are the most critical and least represented voice in determining the future of our world, he left his former career as a humanitarian to devote himself to developing practical tools to help women shift the balance of power in their lives. Ruben co-founded NYC Medics, an international non-governmental organization delivering medical care in the aftermath of natural disasters and armed conflict worldwide. He has worked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and other humanitarian organizations. He has a background in negotiation and has spent over a decade studying women, men, and everything that could possibly go wrong between them.

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